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Coaching Executives and Business Owners in Recovery from Addictions


A Recovery Coach

A Recovery Coach can significantly reduce the chances of relapse by working with the recovering client immediately after treatment or at anytime in their recovery.

    • 80% of all addicts relapse within the year of leaving a treatment center.
    • The first 30 days following discharge is the window of greatest vulnerability for relapse after treatment, when approximately 30% of the discharged population will slip at least once.
    • Between 25-35% of people who complete addiction treatment will be readmitted to treatment within one year, and 50% will be readmitted within five years.
    • Recovery coaching  is one of the most effective tools in sustaining long-term recovery.
    • Recovery Coaching has many names: recovery support specialist, sober companion, sober coach, addiction coach, accountability partner, quit coach, addiction recovery coach, personal recovery assistant, peer recovery specialist, sober mentor or recovery coach. So, no matter what monicker, remember….
    • With a Recovery Coach, a strong, meaningful sober lifestyle is possible. With proper guidance you can become much more than you once were. Coaching is about much more than just sobriety, it’s about showing you all the wonderful possibilities in your life. It’s about making positive decisions about what you truly want to do with your new life. It’s about removing the blinders that your addictions have gradually built around your vision. It’s about becoming that person that you secretly dreamed about

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(Source: Matching Alcoholism Treatments to Client Heterogeneity: Project MATCH Post-treatment Drinking Outcomes, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 1996)


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Recovery Coaching
A Guide to Coaching People in Recovery from Addictions


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