What is a Recovery Coach?

Coaching Executives and Business Owners in Recovery from Addictions


“A recovery coach is a non-clinical person who helps remove personal and environmental obstacles to recovery, links the recovering person to the recovery community and serves as a personal guide and mentor in the management of personal and family recovery.”

William White, 2002
Wikipedia: Recovery Coaching

The focus of recovery coaching is to keep the client sober and restore a sense of functionality to their life. Recovery coaching is about preventing relapse, providing structure and a sense of safety to protect the client’s fragile new-found sobriety. After a 30-90 day stay in a treatment center, some find it difficult to adjust to life outside of the safe environment of a treatment center. Clients can hold on to that safe environment a little longer with a recovery coach assisting them. Many clients find it difficult and/or challenging to find a 12-step program, a recovery coach can bring them to meetings in their community. There are many more challenges for a newly sober person; to engage a sponsor, to grasp the concept of a higher power, to adapt to a ritual of eliminating the need for drugs, alcohol, gambling or compulsive sex in their life, to re-enter their family home, or to live in a half way house. Some clients have to return to the workplace, fearing the environment that possibly triggered their addiction in the first place. Recovering clients need more rigorous supervision in the first few months of after treatment care.

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